Bike Adventure Day 28

Today was our second day in Kansas.  Each day the map is getting smaller.  The most amazing things happen in the strangest places.  We biked to Lakin Kansas on the most incredible hind-wind ever.  Of all the states, Kansas is one of my favorites.  Simply because it  was such an easy ride, I would not like to ride against that wind.

There were not too many hills today, enough to count, but not enough to really slow us down.  I had broke my pedal a few days before so someone from the group grabbed some for me at a WalMart.  We changed them out but I did not try them out prior to leaving in the morning.  Note to self, anytime you change a part on the bike, try it out first!  About 2 blocks down the road and I was trying to figure out what happened to my pedals. It seems that one of them locked up, it was like riding with a peg leg, no really it was.   I circled back and we put the old pedal back on one side.  Luckily the one that was least damaged was the one needed.  At this point I decided I could not catch the team from the start so I grabbed a ride in the van to keep the team moving forward.  I got out at the 20 mile mark and proceeded from there.

This was one of those weird days where everyone gets lost.  We caught a few riders going the wrong way before the 20 mile mark and steered them correctly.  Unfortunately one of our fastest riders was so far ahead in the wrong direction we did not see him.  He called us and figured out he was well past where he needed to turn, something about hind-winds and his speedometer.  He finally caught the group at about the 60 mile mark.

It was one of those better days.  You know things are always up and down, you can either celebrate life of you can let it get you down.  Over the course of this adventure I have emotionally beat myself up, but the fact that I get up everyday and continue on even when I want to pack it in and quit says something about me to myself.  I am not one to just give up.  I just have to figure out my limits and push past them, but not so far past that I end up in the hospital.

bike bling me in bike gear


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