Bike Adventure Day 29

We left Lakin Kansas this morning and headed to Lamar Colorado.  Hoping to leave the prairie behind us and get a view of the mountains.  I have been dreading this segment of the ride the most.  The Rockies just seem so epic. I fear my abilities or lack thereof.

The ride was painful for me.  My sitbones hurt constantly along with the most incredible diaper rash ever.  I ended up getting into the van the last 16 miles.  Again my body is rebelling and telling me to slow up.  I would rather listen to my body then run the risk of serious injury.  Considering that I was hit by a truck 2.5 years ago, I am feeling pretty fabulous minus the constant pain my knees are in.  Add to this my bum and my wrist and I am a trainwreck.  But I continue on this adventure as best I can.

Upon arrival in Lamar we were to stay at a community center.  There was some confusion, they said they knew cyclist were coming to shower but they did not allow anyone to sleep in the facility.  They said there was a group of cyclist in the gym across the street.  They assumed we were to share the space with them.  We all unloaded the van and started showers.  About an hour later and multiple phone calls we figured out we were actually to be in the community center.  We packed our gear and bikes across the street.  The other team were relocated due to confusion caused by us.

Originally the other team, a group of very nice frat boys biking from Seattle to DC, were being fed dinner by this wonderful woman who feeds this group every year for the last 10 years.  Our leader had been talking to her when trying to figure out our accomodations for the night.  Our plan was to make dinner ourselves but in the gym there was no way to prepare food.  The woman, Mary Minor was her name, called our leader back a little bit later and invited us to dinner as well.  This wonderful woman fed their group of 20 cyclist and 8 support crew, and our team of 2 support crew and 17 riders.  She opened her home up to us all and there was plenty of food and conversation.  It turned into one of the best days so far.

combined dinner colorado


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