Bike Adventure Day 30

Today was our 7th day in a row in the saddle.  I have saddle sores and sore sit bones.  Fortunately it was a shorter ride.  We all arrived at the destination church before noon.  It feels so good to arrive early and have the rest of the day to get things done.  We showered and some went out for lunch with the people in charge of our care.  I have noticed that the smaller churches are often the ones that spare no expense or time to provide for us.  We ate at the Copper Kitchen, a local diner.  Being a vegetarian is always a challenge.  I saw a nice looking deli and really was looking forward to having a sandwich there, but it was closed forever.

This is the location for our day off tomorrow. I am looking forward to relaxing and resting.  The church will provide us with dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night.  One lady has a vegetarian daughter so the food was most excellent.  I have found that in general the prejudices I have against religious people are melting away.  I do not feel judged or looked down upon and that is so refreshing.

Went to see the movie Despicable Me 2 in this historic theater.  I do not remember the last time I watched a movie for $6 that was a first showing.  We sat down to watch it and the theater began to fill with noisy children.  I wondered if we would be able to hear over them or if the whole movie would just be squawking and screaming.  Pleasantly enough when the movie actually started the kids for the most part became silent, laughing at appropriate times.  Before the movie started the locals ads were on the screen.  This by far, was the most unique ad experience I have ever had.  It was mostly a bunch of power point slides, a couple of them had music, and one was actually a video with words.  I found it amusing that a tattoo parlor was advertising that did not even exist yet.   Great movie  by the way.

bike bling 2 me and mark


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