Bike Adventure Day 31, Rest Day

Woke up early today and wandered to the coffee shop for some coffee and wi-fi before the day got away from me.  This is actually why my blog is so far behind.  Several places had no wi-fi and spending my time in a coffee shop is not what I want to do.  Breakfast was again wonderful.  It is so nice when people understand you.  The one church lady has a daughter who is vegetarian so she is used to cooking that way which makes it nice for me.

The group pretty much did their own thing today.  Almost everyone at some point took time to clean bike chains and perform basic maintenance.  The wonderful members of the church were able to gather up visitor bags for us all.  They were also able to acquire passes to the water slide park.  When the heat crested above 100 degrees I was headed to the park.  A few of us went and more joined us later.  There were two slides, I went down both but somehow pulled my shoulder and decided once for each was enough.  It was refreshing and fun to hang out in a water park instead of in sweaty bike clothes all day.  We had to be back by 6 for  dinner followed by a presentation.

Before swimming, we had lunch at various locations.  I noticed this little shop that I wanted to check out.  Turns out it is a Ten thousand villages shop.  All fair trade things, and another rider had found little hand crafted bicycle earrings there.  I asked about them and they found some more for me.  I also bought a pair of hand carved peace sign earrings.

After the presentation there was a head shaving party.  Yes, I kinda started it.  I stated I may shave my head before this ride is over.  I was more than encouraged to do so.  Someone had clippers picked up and the shaving began.  I expected little church ladies to freak out about my shaving, but they thought it was ok.  At breakfast the next day they all noticed and were surprised that I actually shaved it all the way down.  preshave my head shave my head


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