Bike Adventure Day 32

I was very sad to leave La Junta but we must press on.  We were served an early breakfast with plenty of coffee.  As we prepared for our 96 mile trek the ladies joined us for our morning devotions.  I may have seen a few tears as we left this morning.  As we pushed along there was so much new scenery.  We were most definitely in cow country now.  The stockyards stank for many of the miles we rode today.  It is unfortunate that with as much open range land as there is, we have to pile our livestock into unbearable conditions.  Makes me glad I do not eat meat.

As we got closer to the end Mark and I noticed a large building, more like a tower with turrets.  I wondered about it for miles.  We could see it for the last 4o miles or so.  It looked so huge and immense.  Mark and I started making guesses as to what it might be. Finally he stopped and pulled out his spyglass.  We determined it was some type of mining situation, most likely phosphorous.  Which goes closely with my guess of a fertilizer plant.  The most amazing thing was that as we rounded the corner and came past it from the other side it looked so much smaller.

We rolled into town a bit after 3, just before a good rain and thunder-storm came in.  After showering I took off with a few others to find a coffee shop with wi-fi.  We found a bar 3 blocks from where we were with wi-fi.  We decided to stay since it was happy hour all day.  Started to catch up on some stuff, but eventually gave up.  It never occurred to me that biking across the country would be so exhausting.  We had a new rider join us a couple of days ago, this was her first ride and we had a new one join us tonight, her first ride will be in the morning.  Yay more ladies on the team!full frontal assault





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