Bike Adventure Day 33

Today was a very rough day. All climbing all day. At least it felt that way. I did well for the first 20 miles, it quickly went downhill from there. After the first 20 miles I was doing fine, but there was a ton of climbing. Something I really try not to talk about is the fact that my knees are in constant pain. I take sleeping herbs to help fall asleep, the pain keeps me awake. If it is not my knee it is my right arm these days. I literally carry a pharmacy in my bag with me at all times.

As we continually climbed for several hours, I noticed another rider struggling. I got off and walked my bike with her for a bit. We convinced ourselves to get back on the bikes when the sweeps arrived. If the heat had not been so intense, and I did not have pain in my knees I might have made it, I like to think I would have anyway. As the climb continued, the other rider struggles became more and more apparent. At one point the sweeps told me to go on ahead and they would call for help. I rode and walked a good mile or so before one of the sweeps caught up to me. He asked if I had cell reception, which I did not. Apparently they tried to get her to walk a bit more due to not being able to call for help.

At this point I went on, knowing she needed help as soon as possible. I was getting worried about her and the sweeps. The rate I was going (5 mph) would have taken me 2 hours to find help. I pushed myself as much as I could. One of the sweeps caught up to me. A truck had picked the other sweep and the struggling rider up. I was so glad to hear that, except now I was struggling to get through. My knees were hurting and I felt like I might be starting to get dehydrated. I walked at least 3 miles uphill today. I caused the sweep to have to walk as well. He may have been struggling simply due to the heat as well. When we finally got to the rest stop, I had never been so happy in my whole life.

My ride ended at about 40 miles today, I think more than anything if I had not felt like I was the only one to get help, I might have continued on for at least 20 more miles. We arrived in Fairplay Colorado. This is also the location of the South Park Television series. We had a beautiful thunder-storm this evening and I had a fabulous veggie sandwich while doing laundry.

Oh and as we were separating laundry outside the Rec Center I heard a little girl say: ” Mommy look at her,,,,,” obviously mom hushed her up. I knew immediately she was referring to my shaved head. Later a family came in, a man and wife and three kids I think. I have no idea where the rest of the family wandered off to, but the man turned to me and informed me he really liked my hair. I didn’t notice but he had a mohawk, which explains a ton.





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