Bike Adventure Day 35

Ride that downhill like you own the bitch!  That is how it feels to descend a mountain.

Today we finished crossing the Rockies.  We first had to climb and cross the Rabbit Ears Pass.  This by far was a worse ride then the straight up climb to Hoosier Pass.  I am uncertain as to why, but I definitely hated this pass.  Once we climbed the second smaller portion of the pass the downhill was 7 miles long and 2500-3000 ft.  This meant that minimal speed out of the pass was around 30 mph.  I imagine there were those that got up to 50 mph.  I hit about 42 and held that steady due to loose rocks and traffic. What a freaking ride.

A large portion of our group decided to celebrate by stopping for lunch in Steamboat Springs.  This is the way I like to ride.  Break it up and celebrate in between.  I again was the last along with the sweeps, but this is really not bothering me, I would rather be last and finish the ride then not ride at all.  This really sounds strange, considering that every morning I really think about taking a day off, but I get on the bike.

This by far is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  If I were to do it again, I would most definitely want to have shorter rides and more free time to explore on my own agenda.  Today we biked 94 miles and much of it was downhill, with some rolling hills in the end of it.  We arrived in Craig Montana late in the afternoon.  Showers were rushed so we could get back for dinner.

After dinner a few of us went out for bowling.  Most had their orange T-shirts on, I however did not.  I was not going to bowl due to fear of messing my arm and wrist up more.  I had a couple of drinks and then was basically forced into a game.  It was fun and I do love hanging with this group of people.  These are some of the greatest strangers ever assembled.

When we arrived at the bowling alley a man saw us and got extremely excited.  He cornered me at the bar and asked if we were the cyclist that he had been reading about in the paper.  Yes, apparently the local news has featured our arrival for a few days now.  He thought we were the greatest thing to happen to this town.  When we went to pay for our games, it turns out he paid for all of our games and shoe rentals.  So a huge thank you to a man who loved the fact that we biked into town and that I loved a true martini.  I wish I would have gotten his name.  goofing off me and vixen



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