Bike Adventure Day 36, Rest Day

The one thing I dislike about rest days, is that mostly they are not rest days. We go to church services, sometimes we are fed meals and we are on a schedule. It makes it difficult to really go do anything for any length of time. I decided that sleeping might be in my best interest, so I took a nap.

As I look upon this beautiful area there are some things that truly bother me. I understand that this area is desperate and impoverished. The first thing I heard about this area aside from it being poor is that it is sitting on top of an abundance of natural riches, which cannot be obtained. This alerted me to the idea of strip mining and fracking. Many of the locals have made mention of the coal plant and strip mining the hills and how the government is wrong to try to shut it down. I asked about alternative power sources and was immediately put in my place. The whole mindset is boggling me. What this area has goes beyond natural resources to be exploited. This area has a beautiful landscape that could become a booming tourist industry along with creation of alternative power resources.

I understand that change is hard and scary at times, but being so obviously closed-minded is not helping. Compromise is the solution. If you could somehow find a way to entice people into change without the fear of failure, this area could be renewed not only economically but spiritually as well. Strip mining and coal-burning actually kills the soul of an area along with the residents. Similar to my marriage, until change was forced upon me, I had no idea I was unhappy and dying inside. I believe the same can be said about the people in an area that has wallowed in the past for too long. The hardest part here is that this area is primarily baby boomer generation or older. They cannot see alternatives to the way things are.

I was informed that the people of Craig hate Steamboat Springs and vice versa. Steamboat Springs has jumped into the next century. They were very bike friendly, less car friendly, pedestrian and tourist friendly. They focused on resorts and outdoor activities year round. If Craig could embrace this same ideology they could accommodate overrun tourist in their hotels and bring in new money. It seems to me that within 40 miles you have two different dichotomies, based solely on refusal to look forward and embracing the past. So sad, this could truly be a thriving community if the residents would look to the future instead of fearing failure. I hope that Craig one day soon finds her soul.




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