Bike Adventure Day 39

Today we crossed the Utah border. Yay another state closer. I again rode in the van. I was awake for the most part though. My energy is better than it was. I am still taking naps and taking it slowly. We arrived at this quaint little Presbytarian Church. We were a bit warm, but all in all it was cozy. This wonderful woman made us dinner by herself. She served hot dogs and chili and salad and other fixings. I guess it is fortunate that I was sick, I just had a salad and watermelon.

One thing that I did not notice that the water was heavily laden with sulfur before I had two giant glasses of water, which did not help my stomach all that much. I am still having lower intestine issues. I will be riding tomorrow since it is a short ride, 20 miles. Oh how I miss the days of 20 mile rides.

Today was a record day for flats.  We hit a record 8 flats for the day.  To the Utah department of Transportation, maintain your freaking roads!  This was a rediculous number of flats for one day, even with 18 riders.

Some of the team found a VHS of Jurassic Park after dinner. We pulled out the TV and the audio system and a group of us made some popcorn and watched Jurassic Park. It was a fun night, although the swamp cooler was not very functional.

Yesterday I forgot to mention one of our riders took to heart the idea of foraging for our meals.  One rider found a dismantled box of Lays potato chips on the side of the road and packed himself and his bike full of them.

chips ahoy


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