Bike Adventure Day 40

20130721-084210.jpgWe left around 8 today. Oh how glorious, sleeping in and having a later start. Our two support crew ended up deciding to ride today. Midas has ridden a few times. Nadine has not, so this will be her first time. Another rider is down with whatever bug we are carrying with us, and another rider is starting to feel like she might be in for trouble as well.

Today, Lindsey and I volunteered to be sweeps. I figured that a shorter day being the sweep I can finish. Less than 5 miles out Midas got a flat, there is a glorious video of the changing of the flat. It likely looked like a serious accident happened since there were so many cyclist on the side of the road.

Once the flat was fixed, we were off again. It was an easy 20 miles with some climbing. We eventually caught up with Nadine and Kurt. Nadine looked great on the bike for not having ridden on the road before. We all made it to Duchesne early in the day. For the first time, I was not anxious to get out of bike clothes and into the shower. A small group of us went back to the local cafe and had coffee and a light snack.

We then discovered there was a lake nearby. Starvation Lake, and we gathered up our bikes, put on our swimwear and headed off to a nice afternoon in the lake. We biked 3.5 miles with some serious uphills, which at one point, I was thinking I was not going to make it over. I did, along with everyone else’s stuff that I carried in my saddlebag.

The lake was cold, we were told 71 degrees, but it felt like the lakes at home. Once I got completely in, it felt great. We swam out to the dock, jumped off for a bit and then saw what looked like a thunderstorm headed our way. We decided it was time to go.

We headed back to the cafe again, for wi-fi, which was sketchy at best. Later tonight, a former rider is buying us dinner, we will have to decide where to go from there.  We later had dinner at this Chinese/American/Mexican Restaurant.  The whole idea was a bit weird.  There was a pizzeria that was Italian/American/Mexican as well.  I guess to keep the people happy you offer a variety, Gordon Ramsey would have a fit!

atop the world


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