Bike Adventure Day 42

Today was very hilly. We left Heber City a little late and headed to the interstate. In sections of Utah it is legal to be on the highway. It was extremely hilly and the hills were long and went on forever. There were many points that I really just wanted to quit. I am so glad that I stuck with it because the downhill was so worth it.

Over the course of the day I realized that I needed to approach the uphills with the same caution as a first date. You never know when it will end or if you will score the big ride at the end of encounter a series of hills to hurdle afterwards. The final decent into Salt Lake City was so spectacular. I was riding like there was no limits.

When we finally arrived in the city and made a detour for a quick lunch. We arrived at the church and I immediately went for coffee, we actually arrived at a decent time and the van had gotten lost so no showers for awhile. After showers we were on our own for the night.

I went with Sue to an Italian Cafe. We sat outside and I had some pasta and some beer. I later met up with Pete and went to a couple of bars and hung out. I ended up staying out late with Ben as we sat at this sports bar that eventually crowded out. We ended up walking through the Temple Square and saw it all lit up. It was glorious and an end to a glorious day.




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