Bike Adventure Day 44

We left Salt Lake City and headed on to Garland/Tremonton Utah.  The ride was mostly flat.  In fact I was riding rather well today.  We were on bike trails for most of the morning.  The only issue on this were at the street crossings there were these silly gates that you had to zig zag through on both sides.

At one point the trail ended into road construction.  I could not figure out how to get back on the trail, it was not chalked off for us.  I ended up packing my bike up an embankment to the road and riding through the construction traffic.  I eventually caught up with Ben.  I had to pedal my butt off to catch him.  I ended up holding a 21mph average for about 10 minutes before I caught up with him.  After riding with him for 10 more minutes he looked at me and informed me that he was just winging it.  I decided we might stop and check our GPS.

It seemed we were not that far off course.  We headed in the direction that seemed to be where we needed to go.  We found the intended street and headed back on course.  As we started down the road Tom came driving around looking for us.  We managed to get to the rest stop and I informed them we were not lost, we went exploring.  Lesson of the day: When the bike lane suddenly ends, a cyclist must go exploring.  You are only lost when you panic.

We all made it to the host church within a reasonable hour.  Our host for the evening was an LDS church, but there are rules about allowing people to sleep in the church.  Instead of bunking on church floors we were all shuttled to homes of members.  Each host took two riders, except for our host since there were 7 girls, they took 3 riders.  It was one of the best nights on the trip.  I slept in a wonderful bed, Nadine and Sue both took a sofa.  We went out for dinner at a local eatery and then took pictures for part of the evening.  We eventually watched a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory and then off to bed we went.  It was a memorable evening for us and the hosts.  Such generous people.  Every rider reported similar experiences.

hosted in Utah hosted in utah hat party


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