Bike Adventure Day 45

Today was very rough for me. After leaving our lovely host families we headed to Malta, Idaho. We got onto the highway and were hit with a bad head wind. I rode 5mph for the better part of 30 miles. I was frustrated and cranky. Eventually Nicole got a flat that needed a pick up. I sent the sweeps ahead and got in the car with her to the next rest stop. I felt like I was holding the whole team up. At the reststop I went into the bathroom and when I returned, Tom and Nicole had driven ahead.

I had thought about getting back on the bike at the rest stop, but my attitude had turned very sour. I caught up with my bike at the next rest stop and they tried to convince me to get back on my bike. I refused. Nicole had already fixed her flat and was on her way. I just wanted to sulk.

At the final rest stop Kert showed up and talked me into getting back on the bike. We chatted and my mood softened a bit. Some days that dark cloud just will not lift. Today was one of those days. We arrived in Malta and went onto the high school. The cheer leading squad fed us and entertained us for a bit. Before dinner they had a practice and were short some people so they encouraged a couple of the boys to help them out. There is nothing funnier then a 71 year old man trying to do a dance routine. Next up- Flashdance!

In planning for the next day I asked about a coffee pot and one local mother brought her small coffee maker for us to use the next morning. At the end of the night a couple of the girls hung up a poster for us. They were so proud of the bike they drew, I thought it was pretty awesome as well. So lucky, Thank you.

boys subbing for missing cheer leaders kert malta tom




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