Bike Adventure Day 46

Today we left Malta and headed to Twin Falls. It was a fairly smooth 76 miles. I went my own pace and the sweeps had to push me the last 7 miles. I was so ready to be done. As this ride gets closer to the end, the miles seem to be harder to complete. It does not help that I am developing some saddle sores. I hope these don’t last too long.  Sadly someone left a beautiful dog inside the school last night.  The principal was called and he said he would get animal control to come get it.  It is too bad that we were traveling and could not help the dog more.  It was very sad and lonely when we left.  I hope it gets adopted soon.

When we arrived in Twin Falls, a group of us wanted to head up to the Shishone Falls. We dropped the laundry team off and headed up to see the most fabulous falls. I am not officially getting homesick and missing Richard like mad. The falls reminded me of Snoqualmie falls and a wonderful day Richard and I spent there. I keep wondering, if I am missing him now, what will happen when I am gone for 27 months in the Peace Corps?

We were served the most amazing taco bar dinner tonight. The local church ladies also prepared some breakfast burritos and muffins with Nutella for our breakfast. After dinner we did a presentation and then the news reporter came downstairs to check out our bikes.

After everything calmed down I went across the street to the park where some local festival was happening. A group of us wandered around listening to a band and watching the dunk tank. Then all hell broke loose when we found the face painting table. I will just let the pictures demonstrate the awesomeness that transpired.  The last pic is really about this guy on a bike with a stellar mohawk and bibs on with no shirt.  It might have been the most awesome bike gear ever!








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