Bike Adventure Day 47

Today was super. I was a sweep with Melissa the team leader. It was a short (38 mile) ride from Twin Falls to Gooding, Idaho. We arrived early enough to go for a dip in the pool and post some blogs I am behind on.

We passed a junk yard along the way, I immediately thought of my dad. He collects and rebuilds old clunkers. There were some great hulls in there. We arrived quite early today. A short ride, with minimal hills means I am in before noon! Woot!

We had showers at the local pool, and were given the opportunity to swim for a bit before the showers. Oh how I love a pool. After showers we were on our own until the hosts served dinner around 5. I wandered to a local sandwich shop, which made the most amazing veggie sandwich ever! I caught up on my blogs and then I wandered to meet some other riders at a local pizza shop.

Dinner was great. There was a mexican casserole for the vegetarians, which was lovely. There was french bread and a fruit salad that reminded me of childhood, canned fruit cocktail and cool whip. There was chicken vermicillian for the carnivores and a potato salad with ham. Dessert also reminded me of my mother’s cherry cheesecake. Graham cracker crust, a cream cheese and whip cream filling and cherry pie filling on top. Just like Mom made.

I know I am a food snob. I typically would snub some of the foods. But being a bit homesick makes me compromise, also showing thanks to the host, we would not want to offend them.



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