Bike Adventure Day 49

We left Gooding on a rather late start today. We got almost immediately onto the highway and rode all the way to Boise this way. There was a bit of a headwind but overall the ride was not bad. The worst part of the ride on a highway is the on and off ramps. It is really unsettling to try to stay focused not only on traffic passing you to the left but on the right as well. The goal is to not get hit.

As my exit came closer, I felt a great relief to get off the highway. As I rolled into town, a group of the guys hollered at me to join them at Chikafila. Uhmmm, what am I gonna eat there???? Not only that I am basically uninterested in supporting this business. I was checked quickly by the guys who reminded me that the restaurants are franchises and most are not owned by the same person. It still leaves me with the question, what am I going to consume there. I went ahead and joined them, but I just had a glass of water. I was not all that hungry anyway.

The owner of that restaurant gave them about 20 passes to the music festival going on that night in town. I am not a festival person for the most part. Usually you have all the headliners and bands I am interested in playing at the same time. I went ahead and took off and headed to the church. I took my shower and then headed off with some of the girls to check things out.

I eventually ended up at a Brew house, which had great beers and great food. (10 Barrels, if you are in Boise check them out.) After that I decided to find this punk bar I was told to check out. (Again if you are in Boise find Neurolux for a divey punk bar feel.) I found Pete there, which was the last person I would expect to find there. We hung out for a bit and I was telling Pete about Marilyn Manson covers when this guy next to me asked if I had heard Coil’s version of Tainted love.

Later Pete came back to retrieve me, but I was having none of that. I talked to a few people about the bike ride and punk shows. I later joined the group of guys from earlier, Alex, Ben and Steve, who were joined by Nate at this Basque festival, which seemed to go all night.

Nate and I eventually left and returned to church to get some needed sleep.




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