Bike Adventure Day 50 Rest Day

Got up and out early today. Started at a coffee shop and worked on my ipad for a bit. I have been having issues with my 4G service for several states, but I was sure in Boise I should have it. I had passed an AT&T store on my way in, so I walked a couple of miles back to it. It seems that my auto pay was not actually set up and the email was wrong so my account was suspended for lack of payment. It is really hard to do much about these things from the road on a bike. So glad I investigated it that day.

After my service was reinstated I asked the guy for the best Bloody Mary in town. He sent me to Old Chicago Pizza, which I later found out was a chain, but it did have the best Bloody Mary I have had in awhile. I ordered lunch and watched the first half of the Concucaf Cup game. I then headed out to the 10 Barrels for the second time in two days to finish watching the game with Ben and Steve, Lindsey and Nicole.

After the game I headed back to the Church for a bit of a quick nap and then dinner provided by Kurt’s friends. Being home has it’s benefits. I wanted to watch the Sounder’s game at 8, but realized I was too tired and it did not start until 9. I just went to bed and crashed hard.

Some of the guys wandered back to the Basque Festival and arrived very late with little sleep to ride 108 miles the next day, sucks to be them.






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