Bike Adventure Day 51

Today we left Boise and headed to McCall Idaho.  It was a grueling 108 miles much of it downhill, but still 108 miles.  It was my first official century and I have determined to never ride another as long as I live.  I mean seriously this is craziness.  It started with this crazy downhill that was so beautiful. This winding road through the mountains so serene and so peaceful.  Passing closely to the white waters and the rafters was amazing.

I struggled at the end and the sweeps had to really talk me into finishing.  I struggled to keep myself from crying at the end.  I seriously wanted to. I arrived very late and struggled to get my shower after icing my knees.  I think that for me those long days are the hardest on my knees.

The church provided us with a potluck/bbq and even found me some veggie burgers to grill up.  It was a quite town with a small population.  I really loved the church, which the parishioners built themselves.  bike love bike love 2 mountains


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