Bike Adventure Day 56

Today was a great day, a long one but pretty good. We went from Moscow to Spokane. Our last official rest day before the end of the ride. I have a friend who lives in Spokane so I got in touch with him before we arrived. We spent a bit of time together tonight. He showed me plenty of cool places in Spokane. I have never actually been here before, but it was quite nice here.

I had some issues on the bike today, the route was nice, but I need new shorts. I rode until about 60 miles and my saddle sores were just too much to continue. I made plans to hit REI as soon as we were done showering. Gold’s Gym was gracious and hosted our showers, which included a hydro massage bed. Damn I need one of these.

The host church was one that restored my hope in religious organizations. It was a gay church, and I met many gay members, including a woman who was stripped of her pastoral title in another denomination for being gay. The people of this church were so giving and so loving and the church itself was fantastic.

bike adventure moscow to spokane moscow to spokane spokane golds gym spokane paper




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