Bike Adventure Day 57: Rest Day

Today after I attended church and a potluck I went off with my friend Ben. Our first stop was REI. Yesterday while getting my new shorts I found this incredibly cool Star Trek Jersey. I decided I had to go back and get it before anyone else snatched it up. It was the last one and on clearance.

We biked all over Spokane to break in my new shorts and make sure they were going to be comfortable. They work awesome. As we biked around I thought about some of the things I have learned on this incredible trek across this continent.

1. I really do not much care for Peanut Butter.

2. Coconut Peanut butter is more tolerable.

3. If I never see another mountain again, thank the gods that be.

4. Religious people are not all pompous and judgemental.

5. This country is beautiful and vast.

6. Spending 9 weeks with the same group of people can draw you close or make you nuts, or both.

7. Desitin is a god send for saddle sores.

8. Life is too short to not live the way you want.

9. Learn to love and learn to let go, otherwise you grow old and spiteful.

10. It is never goodbye, only see you later.

11. I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be.

12. The only failures are the ones that are never tried.

13. Figuring out your limitations and pushing yourself a bit farther is a good thing, just do not push yourself to injury.

14. It is better to get off the bike for a bit than to injure yourself and not be able to get back on.

15. A Zeromph is a zero MPH fall usually caused by inability of the ride to unhitch their cleats. There are degrees to spectacularness of these falls.

16. Mark Majors can drive a nail up his nose and then suck a balloon through his nose into his mouth, he then can blow said balloon up with an air canister.

17. Watching number 16 is disturbing.

18. A journey like this one is life changing.

19. I still do not like hugs, but I find them necessary at times.

20. Washing of feet ceremonies require crying and kleenex!

21.  There is swearing in cycling.

22.  There is crying in cycling.

And I hope this helps understand the impact.

Oh and number 23: So glad to be back on the Left Coast. I missed the Pacific Ocean!







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