Bike Adventure Day 58

Today we left our wonderful hosts in Spokane and headed to Grand Coulee. It was a nice ride, with a bit of climbing. Ok a ton of climbing and there is swearing in biking and crying. As we neared the last 15 miles I heard the sweeps coming up behind me. I heard one ask me how I was doing. I rambled off a few swear words and then realized there was a new guy behind me. We had a guy decide to join us from his home to the church. His church could not host us but they fed us and helped us find a place to stay. I felt a bit bad and informed him I had torettes. What else could I say. He confessed he was swearing in his head as well. It was a tough few hills to climb to get to our destination.

Once I finally arrived at the church, I finally saw this poor guy who got swore at and he was younger than I expected and very handsome. We talked for a bit and I found out he had actually lived in Seattle until he lost his job. Wish I would have caught his full name and added him to Facebook. He would have been an interesting guy to get to know.

My team had to do laundry today so much of my afternoon was spent in a laundromat. Once to laundry was done we all headed to the park for a picnic. I got into Lake Roosevelt, which was crystal clear. Oh how I have missed the Northwest crisp clean water supply. Some of the team slept outside tonight, I decided mosquitos were just too much for me and stayed in the church. As we near the end I am finding myself homesick and exhausted.




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