Bike Adventure Day 59

bike adventure dip in the riverToday we headed for Twisp Washington.  It was a fabulous mountain route and there was some beautiful surroundings. There was a very big climb out of the valley.   I got a flat tire halfway through the ride.  We patched it and I continued on.  It seems that I have travelled across the country with only 3 flats until I changed my tires.  I have traveled nearly 3000 miles on the same set of tires with the back tube patched and no flats.  The moment I get home the flat monster returns.  It aggravates me beyond belief.  Usually once I get a new tire with Kevlar belts my flat situation is remedied.  In this case my back tire is worn out.  It really is looking sad.  I am not surprised, just disappointed that I make it all the way home and have this problem.

I rode about 80 miles and had to continually pump it up so I finally gave up.  I think it was more about the frustration then anything else.  Once we arrived at our destination I pulled my old tires out, which had minimal miles on them and asked the mechanic to grab me a new tube at the bike shop.  I changed the tire and hoped for the best.

We were served an enchilada dinner by the church and they were most gracious.  I was able to get into the local pool for a dip and a shower before dinner.  After dinner we held an info night at the local pub.


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