Bike Adventure Day 60

Today we headed to Marblemount via the North Cascade Highway.  As we left Twisp it was a beautiful route, unfortunately my tire went flat again.  Stopped on the side of the road outside of Winthrop we patched my flat and I continued on my way, hoping for the best.  The pass to climb was 20 miles of uphill with about 12 miles of downhill and another significant uphill.  About 2 miles from the top I just could not feel my knees anymore.  I had to get off the bike and push for a bit.  I eventually ran out of water as well and felt very hopeless.  The sweeps were going to call for help but there was no cell service.  Alex decided to go for help and left Kristi with me.  She suggested I stick my head in the waterfall on the side of the mountain.  Too scared to drink the water and knowing at least cooling myself down would help with the need for water, I took her advice. There is nothing more refreshing than glacial waterfalls. The water was crisp and cold and refreshing.  I even kneeled in the water to help with my knee swelling.

Alex biked up the last bit of the pass and got help, then came back down so Kristi would not be left to bike up alone.  I ended up getting back out at the 60 mile mark and continuing on.  I just needed to rest my knees.  It actually felt pretty good to get back on the bike after needing help.  I continued with Brett since Melissa ended up driving the rest of the way.  Brett and I ended up actually dipping our toes in Diablo Lake, which was very very cold but so beautiful blue/green.  We were the only riders who actually got into the lake and that felt pretty damn special.

We finally arrived in Marble Mount, tired but accomplished and I did not feel as though I had slowed him down so much.

diablo lake


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