Bike Adventure Day 62

in the lead list states pacific oceanToday is the final day. A short ride, or so it looked. Once we arrived at the border town, many of us stopped for pastries and coffee. These are the things I like to incorporate into a bike ride. A stop for lunch, some coffee a beer or even just a stop for ice cream. Anything to get off the bikes and commune together for a bit. It was determined that Melissa and I would lead us across the border. Good thing too, but I will get to that. We rode to the border crossing and Melissa went first. It was my turn second and that is when things just nose dived. I got detained. Yup I got sent to the bad girl club.

I was arrested back in 2000 and the charges were dropped, but the Canadians do not want any funny business from us Yankees, so I had to explain it. Simple really, my ex was a jackass and would not give me the kids back. He swung a cell phone at me and I slapped him in the face. He called the police after I left and I was arrested. A big fine, and 26 weeks of counseling to find out that he mentally and emotionally abused me and I had just had enough. Anyway they let me into Canada. While I was waiting to explain the circumstances, a lady looked at my legs and my bike helmet and asked have you actually been to all those states by bicycle? Yup, I smiled. She was curious as to when, my reply 9 weeks ago, she nearly stopped breathing and shook her head and walked away. You see, I do not do anything without going over the top. That morning I had Nadine Sharpie a list of every single state we crossed on my legs. 12 states, two twice, and one province later….. seems rather amazing listed like that, it felt like just another thing doing it.

We immediately headed to this small beach town led by a member of the Canadian Church we would be staying at. We dipped our front tires in the Pacific and then headed off to Vancouver. I want to note here that as we left Bellingham there was a series of very steep climbs that just kept going. I hit that first hill from a downhill turn and managed to climb those hills like I was riding downhill. Most of the guys in the front were like have you been keeping a secret this whole ride. Like I was pretending to be so slow this whole time just to show them up at the end.

The guy that was leading us to Vancouver was a sweet guy, but he had just mapped the trail once and was not that familiar with the route. There was a lot of uncertainty and stopping to check the map. Since we had all been riding with route sheets this was foreign to us. He also was unfamiliar with riding in a line and did not know signals or to yell out stopping. It might have looked like a circus on bikes to bystanders, but we did make it to the church and no one was left behind. I wonder how many people who join us on segments felt like this poor man. It is not easy to jump into a team like that and not know how the team functions. I wish he had had a couple of days riding with us prior to that. The good news was that the team stayed together for the most part. And we accomplished our feat!



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