Settling back into life

So I have been home for nearly two weeks now.  I have updated my Peace Corps application and am back on track with that.  I have also been looking for employment.  Nothing serious, food service, retail, or whatever comes along.  It seems to me that people are pushing real jobs on me.  This is great but unfair to the employers.  I have a tentative departure date of March 2014, why would I want to get a great job just to leave in 6 months?

So as much as I appreciate your interest, please remember I am here for a short time.  I do  not want a serious gig.  Let me bartend, wait tables, take cash, whatever, but not seriously look into a career.  I am in transition, this means that everything I do is based on a 6 month outlook only. I do not want to rent a place with a 1 year lease, nor do I want to work for a great employer who will be upset when I leave.

Today I had to buy a new phone, bummer.  I was hoping mine would last a few more months, but the screen locked up and it was always a piece of junk. Hopefully the new one will work better.  We shall see.  I would have just bagged it, but I needed that phone to look for jobs.  Cannot get calls on a broken phone.

As I start to work my way back into real life, I realized that right now my life is a social experiment.  I know many have lived many aspects of my life, but I am certain no one has done it in the way I am choosing to do it.  Sustainable living is what I am trying to accomplish.  The No Impact Man is my personal hero.  I love the idea, wish I would have thought of it first.  Now that my kids are gone and I have a bit of money to work with, life stresses have been minimized.  I could and would take a minimum wage position for the experience.  I would love to live in a commune type situation.  I actually looked at a place with 9 other people living in it today.  I really liked it.  It was small and  had a slanted ceiling.  I liked this because my dream of living on a sailboat is about small spaces with weird shapes.

I really would love to find a place that had a commune type feel about it.  I think this is my next venture into sustainable living.  Remember that Richard and I do not live together, so it is easier as a single adult to do these things.  My children live on their own and I am no longer responsible for them.  I hope they understand that if they fall it is on their own they have to find stable ground.  I did it when I was young, they can too.  It is about tenacity, which apparently I have an abundant amount of.

after dusk on cap hill

Things that I find important may seem strange to others.  I find processed food to be bad.  I hate the packaging, I hate the pseudo-food like stuff, I hate the whole idea of eating plastic food.  I find overly packaged things to be an abomination.  Please do not put stupid stickers on my fruit individually.  Please just label the whole lot and not every single fruit.  I hope your cashier has enough knowledge to know a navel orange from a tangerine.  Please just put my computer in a single box.  Do not capsule wrap all of my wires separately.  This just makes more waste for the landfill, idiots.  Please just one tag on my clothes, and the care tag inside.  Please stop the insanity of prepackaging everything.

My current living situation is with an individual who is very much the same mind-set as myself.  She buys grains and legumes from the bulk section.  She reuses containers until they are no longer useable.  She is vegetarian and only buys fresh food.  No processed foods with excessive packaging.  It is great to think that we are at least alike is these ways.  Even though neither of us pays for trash individually, we still feel less trash is best.  I feel as though the landlords should not raise rents if the trash amount is minimal, keeping their costs down.


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