The Govenment shutdown, now what?

So I really did not think it would impact me, but today I found out that it will and does.  Yes the Government shutdown has impacted my life.  Not as profoundly as others, but it has.  I have been very busy trying to figure out my living situation and job situation to pay attention to much around me.  Today I shot myself in the foot.

So, I have this stuff that needs to be uploaded onto my Peace Corps application, I am so close to finishing.  Oh what is that on my screen? It says I cannot access the page because of the government shutdown, no seriously it is just a webpage, why does the government shutdown have anything to do with a webpage?

I have no idea, but what it really means is that my plan is falling apart.  Oh I will eventually get there, but not on the timeline I have plotted out.  This is getting to be a serious problem.  I have a date, everything I have been doing is based on that departure date.  I know some people thought I was crazy to hold onto that, but it is sort of my thing.  I plan things based on information I am given.

I do have a backup plan.  I always do.  I have a plan that will get me out of the conundrum of daily life and put me in the path of adventure.  I will have to wait and see if I need to implement that soon.  That trip to Europe may come sooner than expected if things do not break free soon.  Oh what trip to Europe you ask?  Oh the trip that I never return from.  The one that lands me in a place that makes more sense to me.  The one where I can live life the way it makes sense.

aesop.rutgers Jack Photo Galleries

As a  person so focused on sustainability, I have looked into places that make that lifestyle more reasonable.  Places where orchards grow on the side of roads and bicycles are the main daily transportation choices.  A place where farmer’s markets are just referred to as markets and GMO’s are mostly banned.  A place where neighbors are neighborly and community is built around people and not technology.  A place that sounds pretty foreign in our everyday life.

Eurp[e to Quadruple- Brenda Johnson

The Dial House created by the Punk band Crass is a great display of how to function outside of the reality of government. We create our own little safety nets based upon our current reality.  When that reality is ripped away, we look at our safety nets and realize that they are not going to catch us.  So we fall.  Not only do we fall financially, but emotionally and physically.  The frustration of not being in control is so powerful and so depressing.  I actually fear about the mental stability of seemingly normal people spiraling into the darkness of despair over this loss of control.

I do not have an answer, but I do know we are not asking the right questions.  We are allowing our wants to outweigh the needs of the many.  We need change, but not in the form that it is taking.  We need new leadership and we need new ways of doing things, but not at the cost of the majority of society.  So I guess we should begin with trying to find the correct question to ask.


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