Adventures in the kitchen

I just realized that a local food co-op is less than 2 miles from where I live now.  I also found out that my co-op membership is accepted there.  Yesterday I fixed my bike and took it over there and picked up a few items for dinner.  I found figs at a great price and could not pass them up.  I also found cranberries, which again, I could not pass up.  I packed up my bags and biked back.

I decided to roast the figs, unfortunately I did not have the ingredients for the best recipe I found.  I had to put that off for a day. I did however, make the most amazing BLT sandwiches with a lovely sprouted tofu that had been baked and then sautéed to crisp up.  Heirloom tomatoes and spring greens on a flax-seed bread makes a wonderful party in your mouth.

Today I had several errands to run.  I biked up to Capital Hill to pick up my mail and talk to my bank about setting up a transfer of retirements funds.  After I finished up I had a lovely lunch at The Wedgewood.  It is a quaint little vegan Thai place.  After that I biked up to my co-op.  I needed goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  On Friday my partner requested Wiener Snitzle for dinner.  I have never made this before, but I am adventurous, although I will not be tasting it.

I found a nice thin piece of pork for the snitzle.  I also found spatzel and picked up some fresh eggs and veggies.  As I was biking back I realized that my brakes were not functional.  I ended up taking the light rail and making an appointment to have my disc brakes looked at, maybe the pads changed.

When I got back, I immediately prepared to roast the figs.  These ended up amazing and I served them up on some homemade bread that made it even more amazing.  After that I cooked up some wild rice with vegetables.  I took chantrels, green beans, kale and shallot sautéed over low heat with mustard powder, cayenne pepper, and some red pepper flakes.  I roasted up a handful of the cranberries in the balsamic mix left over in the pan that the figs were in.  I took all the juice and poured it into the rice and veggie mix.  It was the most amazing flavor combination.  I am very pleased with the outcome of that combination and cannot wait to make it agian!




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