Taking advantage of a dreary day.

This weekend was pretty spectacular.  Well most of my days are, I guess because I have dreams that are coming true.  Friday night Richard came over and I gave him some leftovers from catering and we had more wine then we should have.  We spent the night watching TV and snuggling.  Saturday was the highlight of the weekend.  I got up and made coffee and breakfast.  Well more like lunch.  I had leftover chicken that I chopped up and made into chicken salad for Richard.  I also made this awesome chicken pot pie for Richard and my friend Colleen.  I made a mushroom pot pie for myself.  We ate dinner and got ready to go.  We had tickets to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the theater.  So much fun!  The movie was fun, but the live show is crazy good.  After the show we stopped at DragonFish restaurant and had some light snacks and dessert.  I had a Singapore Sling for the first time.  OH my is all I have to say about that.  Luckily I had a hangover all day and could only handle one, $11 a drink could have gotten steep.

pot pie

I got up today and made breakfast, hippie hash and coffee.  ( This recipe is not the one I used.  I took leftovers from last night and what I had on hand and added some left over enchilada sauce to create a mish mash of flavors.) I decided that I had to get the dishes done since I was lazy Saturday night.  I also decided to clean the kitchen and fridge up.  I realized I could make my own yogurt dip for raw veggies and chop up the veggies for the week. I realized that I had cranberries that needed to be used up as well.  I decided to cook those down and later found a pear and some apples that needed to be used as well.  I ended up with cranberry applesauce.  No added sugar, because frankly with that flavor profile why would you need to add anything to it?

hippie hash

I planned out my left overs and froze stuff that needed to be frozen to save it.  It was a great project for a blustery wet day.  I eventually ended up doing laundry and watching some TV.  I feel like this next week will go smoothly now.  I picked up shifts all week so now I have 6 shifts, and I have two on Tuesday and Thursday. This means that I have two days of doubling back.  Ughhhh, hopefully the break between is enough to rest my legs up.



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