I know I talk about my dreams quite a bit.  Mostly because they are starting to come true.  For years I lost my way.  I was overwhelmed with life and debt, that I could not ever see past just paying the rent.  I think what finally happened is that I remembered my dreams, not those others felt should be mine.  My dreams felt out of reach, because my dreams are not mainstream.


My dreams are not about owning things, or having things.  My dreams are about experiences and adventure.  It is quite difficult to have adventures when you are a single parent.  My first trip to New York was my first real view of life outside of my own little bubble.  My second trip was even better.  Both times, I had no idea how I would pay for the trips, but I managed to save up and pull it off.


I actually did not want to write about me today.  I just wanted a baseline to segue from.  I know what my dreams are, I know that I mysteriously made them start to happen.  What I do not know is, am I alone?  Does anyone else have dreams that they never shared with anyone?  Do you have dreams that due to the constructs of our society seem to be unattainable?  Do you have dreams that others have told you would never happen, or were ridiculous?  I want to know these things!  No I really do.  I want to know that there are people out there who were pushed down for so long that their dreams took a back seat.  I want to know that people actually still have dreams.  I am not interested in the fairy tale ending, I want to know about climbing mountains, traveling around the World or that you dream of one day being an amazing chef, but you cannot boil water.  I want to know about you, who you are and what drives you?

desmond tutu

I know this seems strange, but I sometimes feel alone in my dreams, and I want to know people still have dreams.  People still secretly wish they could leave their  cube farm jobs to go toil the Earth.  I am setting out a challenge, for you, and for the people you know: REMEMBER your dreams!  Share them, talk about them as though they are going to happen this year.  Never lose them.


The very first step to ever seeing your dreams become reality is to remember them.  The second is to talk about them.  Once those steps are taken, you have to understand how to make them a reality.  My daughter has this dream of swimming the English Channel.  The girl who hates water and can barely swim wants to take on this epic event.  I did not discourage her, I simply asked here what steps she would have to do to make this happen?  She stated she needed to learn to swim better and feel confident in her ability.  Sweet, she at least understood the steps.  What she did not understand was that never thinking about it, meant it was never going to happen.


Most of the people I consider heroes, had a dream.  A dream to become more than who or what they were born to be. They became heroes, simply by holding onto those dreams.

nelson mandela


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