Shame on You Jerry Springer!

Last week I was sitting having coffee working on my computer as the news ended.  I was not really paying attention when I looked up to see The Jerry Springer Show on.  FIrst off I think this meat head is just out to make of mockery of people’s lives.  And the people that are on the show, if they are not actors they are pathetic and so in need of attention they seek it in whatever form they can get it.  That being said, I would have normally switched the channel or turned it off but the subject line attracted my attention.

The episode title was: “Mom don’t ruing my tranny wedding!”  Ok right there my little brain had a seizure.  I watched about 10 minutes before I was so pissed off I could not even see straight.  And I really hope these were actors and not real people.  When I see the tranny, it is degrading and sub-humanizing.  Similar to the “F” word for homosexuals.  It is a way to segregate a vulnerable group of people.  So right off the title pissed me off, but not nearly as much as the circus of the wedding with the groom stripped from the waist down like some kind of a freak show.  Seriously why is it almost anytime we see a transgender on the stage it is degrading and de-humanizing.  Mostly they are cast as prostitutes and freaks.

I remember back when they started using homosexuals in a homosexual context, well I am from a small sheltered life.  I saw them much later then most of you did.  I was horrified and grossed out by the idea of homosexuality and the roles reinforced this concept for me.  By making a vulnerable group freaks and turning their lives into some sort of circus you promote fear and violence against them.


Shame on you Jerry Springer for taking the reality of trans-life and making it a full blown mockery on national TV.  I loathed you before, but I officially will never look at anything you do again, even if it is raising awareness for some great group.  You are a monster and you deserve your life to be paraded out as a circus.  Please have some feelings and some sort of common decency when putting people up on the stage representing a very vulnerable group.

I tried to make a petition, but apparently you need to know who to petition.  I have no idea.  If anyone out there does and would like to start a petition with me please contact me.


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