On-line stalkers

I am a strong person.  I know I am.  It still does not change the fact that when someone repeatedly is cruel to you in an on-line forum that it hurts.  It hurts more when you actually know the person and considered them a friend.  Even though I deleted said person, they are still skulking around on mutual friends pages.  Until last night I could not figure out how to actually block all of my posts from their view.  They posted what I felt was a weird and negative comment on something I posted to my partner.  I guess I poked the sleeping bear by responding that they were negative.   They responded back and I just left it alone.  Then again last night they put up a ton of hashtags on how horrible a friend I was.   My partner got annoyed with the continual notifications, which I decided not to respond to.  I finally just deleted the post.  I posted on his page simply the word: “Done!” she continued to poke.  He called me and was like what the hell is going on?  I have no idea why anyone would continue to harass, which is ultimately what it was.  Had it been a total stranger I would not have even cared.  Also a total stranger would have tired on no response and left it alone to find entertainment elsewhere.  I am still confused and angry.  The hurt is gone. Replaced by anger.

The problem now is, what to do if I see this person in my life?  Do I do what I did last time and pretend it did not happen?  Do I walk away and appear the bigger person, or do I confront and potentially escalate the situation?  I am going to choose to walk away.  I am less then 6 months away from leaving and I do not need any sort of legal problems to hang me up.

To be honest I am not the first person to be abused by this person through social media.  I am also aware of other types of criminal intent this person has had.  If I were vindictive I would have them arrested.  Alas I am not.  I just want them to leave me alone.  To not say or do anything at all.  You can have your poor opinion of me, yes it hurts but  I am an adult I can take it.  But please for the sake of everyone else, stop attacking any post I make on other people’s pages.  It is weird and it is immature.

You have a drinking problem, hell you have mental issues, but I am certain you can take control if you want to, but instead you focus on me.  It has taken me years to realize the problem is that my happiness is a alternative universe to you.  For some reason any and all things in my life have some sort of impact on yours.  I wish I knew how to break that tie?  I wish that I could somehow help you see things differently.  I cannot, I never could.  I realize that my mistake was to try to continue to be your friend.  You helped me out a small bit once, but I helped you out on a much grander scale.  I am not keeping count, I am just keeping myself from falling for the guilt that you try to place on my shoulders.

Your life is your life.  It is not my responsibility nor is it my place to make you feel better about yourself.  Buck up bitch and get over it.


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