And Life Just Jumped into the Fast Lane

Here I am slowing everything in my life down.  Simplifying it, trying somehow to find peace and joy.  Stress is a modern invention.  It was brought on by the idea of time limitations.  By upholding a 40 hour work week, we feel the pressure of obligation to be somewhere at specific times.  I have not really had to deal with that idea since I left my lab job in May.  Unfortunately, the Peace Corps brought this idea right back to the forefront of my life.  I now have deadlines and not only am I dependent upon myself to organize my time, I need other busy professionals to do so as well.  This puts a huge stress in my life, especially when I have already had these professionals give me a bit of their time to get documents ready, now I have to go back and beg for their time to fill out forms that I missed the first time.  Oh sadness and stress.  The great news is I do not work the rest of this month or likely most of next month, so I have the time, I just hate to put them out for my sake, but it is necessary.  😦


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