Small plates

Yesterday I had an appointment to take my computer in for service.  We were lazy and got up later in the day.  I was hungry so we agreed to go grab a bite when we got there, not that mall food is spectacular, but once in awhile you can find something good.  We ended up at Dukes Chowder House, which is a great fallback since I do eat some seafood and that is their specialty.  We both ended up with what is considered a small plate.  I truly enjoyed mine and want to recreate Richard’s dish sometime soon.  Mine was Prawns Del Cabo, which was a cilantro shrimp with an avocado salad and a cilantro sauce served over wild greens.  Not a huge amount of food but just enough.  Richard had these salmon sliders.  Thin sliced salmon steaks grilled and layered on top of a crostini of good molasses bread.  It had pesto then salmon, more pesto and some tomato slices on top.  It was tasty according to him.  I think I will put an avocado slice on this when I recreate it.  But really fabulous food should come in small plates.  It makes you take your time to savor every bite.

The idea of utilizing small plates is to keep your portions small.  This is especially important at a buffet or potluck style meal.  I have this issue, and I am going to try to remember to only use a small plate.  We all too often mindlessly eat, which is funny to say since I am reading a book about that right now.  I know that I fill a plate, I eat until it is empty.  So unless I munch on kale and carrots for the rest of my life this is a problem.  I know that I am in need of motivation, and after having that meal I realized what my motivation is going to be.  Creating great food on a budget.  If I try to keep my cost down, that also limits my portion size, it is a win win situation.


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