Update on the Chaos that is my life!

The last month was overwhelming and I am grateful that I only worked one day.  I have only worked once so far this month, but again am very grateful.  First off, I have everything done medical wise except one Hep A shot and my yearly checkup.  The check up happens later this month.  The second Hep A is gonna be tricky, I may have to get that abroad.  Scary!

There was a screw up with both my passport and my Visa applications.  I sent off a new copy of my Visa application, that was the easy part.  The passport got mailed to the wrong location, luckily I found where it was mailed and when it got delivered.  The PC travel person is going to expedite that for me.  I was freaking out, my birth certificate is with the application and that took three weeks to get. I was so worried I would have to start over and then I would miss my deadlines again.  Luck was with me this time, all is well.  Everything is going to be okay.

Picked up most of my stuff for the trip.  I have my luggage and shoes all figured out.  I even have some movies to pack with me.  I bought a steri-pen, headlamp, small compact blanket and a solar charger today.  I have clothes and sandals ordered and they should be here this week or next.  So much of my wardrobe was not appropriate for the climate, I had a fun time buying a new wardrobe.  The only things i need now are some nice button up shirts and a few more bras and then pack it all up.

I am now volunteering three days a week at the nearby high school.  I am being educated all over again.  The students are interesting and there is not a lot of structure, it is an alternative school.  I now understand how my kids could fall behind in school and end up graduating late.  The benefit is that they learn to manage themselves, which can feel like it is backfiring.

Last week Richard messed up his foot somehow, and I ended up taking him to the doctor twice.  So my social life is now consumed with medicine and doctor appointments.  On the up note, he has decided to not drink for a bit to lose weight.  I need the break as well.  Maybe we will both drop some weight, not that he needs to.

I bought a jump rope, I forgot how bad I suck at this.  I spent about 5 minutes jumping, and I can only go about 4 rounds before I have to stop and start over.   It is amazing how much just that little bit will cause your heart to pump.  So even if I have to jump for 5 min intervals over the course of the day, I am gonna do this until I leave.  I plan on packing the rope with me, it is weighted and small enough to stuff in my suitcase.

I have been so busy that I have not been riding my bike or eating right.  Today I got groceries and bought a ton of veggies.  I also had some bananas going off and needed to be used.  Are you ready for the most amazing recipe?  Two bananas, break them up into a blender, add ice, two large teaspoons of coconut peanut butter ( you will thank me for this) add a bit of whole milk and some plain yogurt, I prefer greek, but just plain works as well.  Blend and have a happy mouth and tummy.  I actually only had about 6 oz of this.  The rest I put in a container and stuck in the freezer. You need to pull it out about 1 hour before you want to drink it and pour it out.   If you have space I suggest freezing in single servings, but I do not have the space so it all went in together.

I used whole milk because the more I read about food the more I realize all our health issues began when we declared war on fat.  All the low-fat, skim, and no-fat items are so overly processed and calorie ridden, you may as well enjoy the full fat and just control the serving size.


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