The official countdown has begun.

I have 52 days left stateside.  I am happy and anxious and a little sad all at once.  Got all my final lab results in this week.  Unless something is amiss, I have no more medical appointments.  Just catching up on the bills and packing stuff up.  Lucky for me this month is 30 days of biking month.  I missed yesterday, I think the weather was depressing and a bit cold, I bought ice cream and cuddled up in a blanket and watched TV.  Yeah I do not so much like the gray skies.  They pretty much depress me.

I have started helping in some local classrooms in my excessive free time.  I could go get a real job, but that seems like a bad idea.  I really like the students and find their various academic abilities to be fascinating.  I have never really thought about being a teacher before.  Yet here I am counting down the days until I am put in charge of my own classrooms.

Today I meet up with a friend and we are going to bike somewhere.  No real agenda, just somewhere.  I kind of just need to get out of the house and the weather looks decent.  I have been packing up some of my winter gear as I get ready to leave.  I know that I will not be needing insulated anything in Liberia.

I have borrowed Richard’s car this week.  His birthday is Tuesday and I wanted to make him something special.  This requires a trip to a store I cannot access by bike.  I am sure I could if I could figure out how to get there, but then there is the shopping to be done and I am making excuses.   I thought that since I have the car, maybe I should pack some of my stuff up and take it to my dad’s.  All my stuff is stored there.  I do not have much stuff, but the few things I cannot take with me will go to dad’s.  Since I am headed down south, I may as well stop off and see my mom, and anyone else that is around that day.  I have one friend that I will stop and see for sure.

Crazy as it sounds, I have one suitcase almost completely packed up.  It is mostly clothes and DVD’s and books that I will not be using here.  The second suitcase is partially packed, actually it is more of storage for things I don’t need here, but will over there.  I only have a few items left to get.  I need a couple of can openers, some toiletries, a swiss army knife and perhaps a hammock.  I also need to have a bit of cash to carry on me.

As I get closer to the day, I feel more anxious.  This is not a huge surprise.  I tend to over think and over plan everything.  I totally overpacked for my ride last summer.  Now I have to plan for 27 months, I know much of what I have can be purchased there, but still some comforts of home are nice.

I have been in a Facebook group with current volunteers and many of the people who I will be heading over with.  I at least will have an idea of who I am with and what to expect.  The most current thing is the Ebola outbreak in Guinea.  This is a very serious and scary disease.  As much as I am against ridiculous vaccinations, there are certain things one must do to protect oneself.  I am not going to go to a location with water and sanitation issues and malaria and not be prepared.  As much as I hate DEET, you bet your big toe I will use it.

In our society there are many things that I take for granted.  I am not a fan of chlorination of the water supply, but know it is needed. The whole floridated water is upsetting to me.  But these are things I will likely embrace when water is scarce and sketchy.

Stupid WordPress did not publish this.  This is an older post that should have been published in the beginning of April.  I edited the days left but otherwise read this in a past tense.


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