Life is getting real!

In case you are new to this blog, I am a dreamer.  I am also an adventurer.  I am not one to be told I cannot do things, I will just prove you wrong.  I grew up in a small town, I hated it.  I have spent many years running away from who I am and where I came from.  In just the last two years have I actually faced my past and embraced it along with learning to love myself.

I am a socialist. I believe that the World can be a better place.  I hate it when people tell me that my ideas are impossible.  Peace is not possible only because there are good people out there who believe it is not and refuse to try for it.  I am complicated, yet simplistic.

goodbye seattle

In 2011 I was hit by a truck on my bicycle.  It was life affirming and life changing.  This is the second near death experience I have had in my life.  The first time I realized that I have no faith.  This time I realized I have a purpose.  Sometimes it takes a couple of bumps in the road to find the path.  Last summer I biked across the continent.  Mostly because I wanted an adventure, but partly because some people said I couldn’t do it!  I did, I struggled the whole way, but I made it.

at the bay


I also chose to bike across the continent because my partner and I had a dispute, I thought the relationship was over so I wanted to pursue a new life.  What I found is that we belong together and we are happy together, but we are also happy when we are pursuing our dreams.  I even moved him to California to be closer to his daughters.  I am leaving in just over a week.  You see, I joined the Peace Corps and will be leaving for Liberia, West Africa.  I will be teaching science and am so excited for this new adventure.

Since I was a child, I have wanted to go to Africa.  This is a lifelong dream and the opportunity of a lifetime.  I know that leaving my partner for 27 months will put a strain on our relationship, but what I have found is that we are closer now.  It is generous for him to allow me to fulfill my lifelong dream.  I love him for this opportunity.  These last few days will be both sad and glorious.  I intend on cherishing every moment with him.  He is talking about taking me somewhere this weekend, since it is our last together.  I sense a bike adventure coming up!


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