A new life.

This last weekend I moved my partner down to the Sacramento area.  Knowing I would be leaving in 3.5 weeks, I wanted to spend my last few weeks with him and I wanted to get him set up in his new home.  We drove all day Friday and it was a long drive.  We spend our last week saying goodbye to friends that will be greatly missed.  We stayed in a cheap hotel that night and then dropped the tow dolly off Saturday morning.  Our original intention was to stay in downtown Sacramento that night, but there was no parking for a truck with a trailer anywhere to be found.  In addition to this issue, there was a huge music festival in the park, apparently this happens every Friday night.

As a  local food and business supporter this is probably my least favorite place to be right now.  Our new home is in Citrus Heights, which is nothing but box store hell and chains in strip malls as far as the eye can see.  After we unloaded the truck, we wandered up the road to see about some food, and see if we could find the Sounders game on TV at some bar.  We found a lovely local pizza joint.  The food was great and the server was from Portland, so she understood out desires.  She pointed out the local “Farmers Market” for me.  She also sent us to Buffalo Wild Wings for the game.  I know it is a chain but they did put the game on for us.  They were friendly and helpful.  As the game started I saw Seattle from a new light, and I was so homesick.  I guess I had not cried about leaving until that point. It is not that I didn’t want to leave, it was that I am leaving here soon and it is a great stress to start a new life only to suspend it a month later.

Sunday we spent the day in box store hell!   We were given a few gift cards to get him set up in his new place.  We had nothing for the kitchen but a salad spinner, a blender and a casserole dish.  We managed to get everything needed and a table with chairs to sit at.  We still have no real seating in the living room, but we will take it one step at a time.  Actually we are considering buying a standup bike rack to place the bikes inside and out of the way.  We are not allowed to hang them in this apartment so we need to figure it out.

I have spent the last few days unpacking.  All boxes are unpacked, put away and removed from the apartment.  I did keep some of the nice moving boxes a friend in the moving business gave us.  Richard only wants to spend a year here, and when I get back home will be somewhere else.  I have not really wandered into the area too much.  Today is that day!  I have looked for a bike map and a place to have lunch as a destination.  I am prepared  to hit the local bike trail and head out for a bit.  I am looking forward to an adventure.  A time to stretch my bike legs and get a feel for the area.  I hope to find a nice route, like a greenway, traffic is breakneck down the main drag.  In fact drag racing does occur.  I am supposed to put his tools away today, but I have been putting things away all week.  It is time for some fun.




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