My Last weekend with Richard, it was a great one with many memories

This is my last official weekend as an American Citizen in my own home.  Or rather my new home.  I fly out of Sacramento on June 12, which is four days away.  So as the weather tipped into the triple digits Richard decided we needed to go on a final bike adventure.  And boy what an adventure it was.  Friday we went out to dinner with a couple I knew in Seattle, funny how we all ended up just 6 miles apart.  We went to a restaurant that I would not have ever investigated.  It was nice, the food was decent, the service was great and the cocktails were perfect.  Since it was Toby Keith’s restaurant the live band was country, which I am not a fan of typically.  The issue was more the fact that we sat in the restaurant portion, but the bar portion is open into the restaurant and it is hard to communicate over blaring music.  I had a good time anyway and found that there were so many things that I am going to miss when I leave.  I guess I am getting that feeling of buyer’s remorse now.

Feet planted in California

I mean really what have I done, I signed up on this adventure that takes over two years of my life away.  It would be less difficult if I was completely single, but I am not.  I am in the best relationship of my life.  I do appreciate that he is understanding and supportive, that I appreciate.  I keep reminding myself that we are not the average couple and that we will endure this.  He supported me last summer when I ran off to bike across the country for 2.5 months.  It isn’t like I am not coming back, he has in his possession my two most prized items, my bikes!

Saturday morning I got up early, it is not unusual, and ran for coffee and energy drinks. There is one energy and sports hydration drink brand on my approved list.  Golazo, made in Seattle, GMO free and the base of the sports drink is coconut water.  Makes for an awesome and refreshing drink after a long ride.  And with a heat index in triple digits, every ride is a long ride!  When I got back Richard had managed to pull his lazy butt out of bed and hop in the shower.  I cleaned the apartment a bit and packed my bag while he showered.  We then realized that we could put the seats down in the back of his car and fit both bikes in the car, barely.  We packed up and hit the road.  The trip is about two hours, with a stop along the way for breakfast.  We ended up stopping on Donner Pass rest stop.  There was a nice walking trail that we took a detour to.  It was nice to get out and stretch  before getting back in the car.  Did I mention that last week Richard’s air conditioner died in the car, so it was a hot trip to and from.

Donner Pass

We drove around the lake until we actually reached the California/Nevada border on Highway 28.  We found the sleaziest motel, not ever, but darn close.  We took our bags in and got the bikes out and headed to a beach about 10 miles away.  10 miles is not a long ride, unless you add a ton of hills along the way.  We finally got to the park, not realizing that there was a $1 charge each for entry.  The ranger saw my look of distress about going back up the hill to the last town to get cash and let us in.  Hats off to a caring person who realized the physical trauma that was going to cause.

biking in Tahoe

I ate a little something and had a Bloody Mary before we did much else.  Richard found another walking trail so off we went.  Eventually we considered renting a kayak.  I have never been in one before.  We found the place and they were only renting for an hour, since they closed in little over an hour.  So off we went getting our butts and faces we in the process.  We paddled around for about an hour.  We then got back on the bikes and headed back up the big hills we just came down.  We had dinner in a little town called Incline Village Nevada.  He said since where we were did not seem to have much there we should eat where we saw a restaurant.  The food was alright for a sports bar.  I did tell him before we left that I finally realized why I was so worn out the first time we rode.  I realized this was the same issue I had last summer biking across the country.  If I go my own pace, I am much more likely to ride longer than when I am pushed to go faster than I am capable of.  Pushing my speed tends to wear my knees and body out faster than just going my own pace.  He was ahead most of the time, but not too far and he slowed his pace up a great deal to accommodate me.


We finally made it back to the hotel and I wanted to try this little bar just across the street that advertised over 40 craft beers on hand.  We both had a beer, and we were both so worn out that Richard basically left most of his beer.  I wanted to hit a casino, since we were next door to two.  I have never been interested in gambling, and frankly I do not understand the appeal.  I basically lost $30 in less than 30 minutes and it was not that entertaining.

We went back to the hotel tired and sore.  We basically just collapsed into bed.  I should have brought my melatonin, since last summer I do not sleep well.  I toss and turn and make it hard for him to sleep.  We got up and packed our stuff.  We decided to head to Reno since neither of us had ever been there.  We had breakfast at Circus Circus.  It was a speedy buffet but the food was fine.  Nothing special but not like fast food.  We wandered through the casino and I ended up buying  a watch, which the pin fell out of when we got home, I need to take it to a jeweler and have that fixed before I go.

Circus Circus

We walked outside and several streets were closed.  There was some sort of motorcycle convention in town.  Vendors everywhere.  We walked through several blocks of them, then Richard spotted a park and a path along the Trukee River.  We walked the whole length of the park and path.  There were several waterfall pieces along the path.  The park itself was small but nice.  We then decided to get coffee, actually I decided to.  We found coffee and then spotted some souvenir shops.  I ended up with small trinkets to send to my kids, and we basically headed back.  Richard wanted to go into the Golden Nugget Casino since the Vegas one was the sponsor of Hunter S. Thompson’s reason for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  The one in Reno is tiny and it was literally a walk around a partition and back out.

As we hit the road again Richard decided to take any and all scenic routes that he could and stop off for pictures wherever possible.  It was a lovely ride home and when we got back to Citrus Heights it was 105 degrees.  I hit the pool as soon as we got everything in the apartment.  No screwing around for this girl!  I will miss these types of adventures with Richard.  We tend to do one a year, we take the bikes to a destination, no planning aside from the destination and we just hit the road.  It is always my favorite times with him.  I love when he wants to go do things, and not just sit at home or in a bar.  So when I get back, remember that Richard!

Richard on the rocks


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