The best Therapy,,,,,,

As I settle into my new interim life, I have found myself fighting depression and boredom. The problem is, I do not have many friends here. The ones I do have are all working during the day. The highlight of my day is when Richard comes home, which is not a bad thing, but puts a big burden on him.

I have found my days sucked into the television, which is not the healthiest of habits. My last post I discussed starting a yoga class and taking charge of my life, today I want to expand on that. On Friday I met a nice man to “play” tennis. I am not ver good, but he seemed ok with just getting some exercise. I have to say, I hurt so bad after an hour of volleying the ball and chasing it. I hope to catch up with him a few more times. Next month I will be taking actual lessons, which is a bit exciting for me. Maybe I will be better after a couple of lessons, and will be able to actually play a game. On Sunday I met a nice man to ride my bike with. We were both looking for a casual pace with more distance than speed. I enjoyed biking with him and hope he had fun as well.

I had lunch in Fair Oaks on my way home Sunday. I got home and Richard was still in bed. I was happy to have spent my morning out and about, it is always better to spend it with someone who has a similar goal. This Wednesday I am planning on meeting a guy to ride with during the week. Hopefully he is a good match as well. It takes stepping out of your comfort zone to make life a bit more bearable.

Later Sunday night I found I had a flat. Thankfully I made it home, but I had to wait until Monday night to put the bike on the car and take it to the bike shop. My wrench was stolen and I have no idea what sizes I need so I had to take it in to figure that out. Sadly I am certain the mechanic had no clue how to work on my bike, he actually said so. I fear I have to take it back into a certified Electra shop.

I put in an application for a few part-time jobs. One was for a bike shop that flatly stated you must bike to work. They decided that I lived too far away to bike to work. I found that strange, because as an advocate no distance is too far. This mental model just pushes the anti-bike agenda. I do have an interview on Friday with a tutoring organization. I barely put the application in and they contacted me, so either they are desperate or my resume was that good. I am hoping it is my resume.

It will feel good to have a reason to get out of bed every day. I have always hated not working, it makes my life feel empty. Just having a reason to get up and get out of the house daily is a great change.


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