A little slice of Heaven in nothing but Hell.

As I have stated my new home is not very homey.  It is a hell of box stores and chain restaurants.  I have found a couple of slices of heaven in this hell.   I have found a CSA delivery.  This comes bi-weekly and arrives on my doorstep.  It is full of organic fruits and veggies.  I had a similar one in Seattle.  This made my life a little happier.

I have known about the farmer’s markets in my city and the city near me.  This weekend I visited both of them.  I found these wonderful small round eggplants and wild mushrooms in the market in my town.  Happily this is a very easy bike ride.  I also saw patty pan squash which are fun to stuff and roast.  I only bought a couple of items so I could check out the other market.  On the weekends that Richard is on call, I convince him to leave the car for me to run errands as needed.

In Folsom, which is a town I do appreciate, the market is much larger.  There are more produce and street food booths.  I found white raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, wild salad mix, roasted pistachios, and baby potatoes.  For about $25 I got all this from both markets.  Some people feel a farmer’s market is too expensive, but the reality is very different.  When we pay $3.00 for items that we use just a little of and then waste the rest we are paying way too much.  In a farmer’s market we are only buying what we can consume, knowing that the window for use is limited.  I immediately froze all the berries, just because I know that they only last a day after you bring them home.

greek meals at home

I have found, and this is personal experience, that if I buy produce in smaller quantities at higher prices, I tend to waste them less.  It also encourages me to think about my food more.  I am so thrilled to now have access to this type of resource again.  I did find it weird that the farmers at the market did not have dandelion or mustard greens.  In fact I was informed that they were weeds.  Ugh, any good farmer recognizes a source of food and welcomes it!  At least I would.

In a moment of desperation, I found several bags of ancient grains on sale at Sprouts.  This store is similar to Trader Joe’s.  I am not thrilled by it, but it is better than chain stores.  At least the produce is less packaged than TJ!  I have actually found Arugula there, but only in those stupid plastic bins you buy.  I found Kamat, Chia, Spelt, Millet, and Amaranth, all were being discontinued.  I am saddened by that.  Although this pushed me to pursue finding a true Co-op.  I found a small one in Roseville, which is about 6 miles from my home.  I think it is potentially biking distance.  I talked to a very nice woman there who informed me that I might look into Sac Co-op for refilling my oils and other liquids.  I contacted them and now I wait to hear back from them to see if they have the things I am looking for.  Also I  wonder if my membership in Seattle Co-op is valid there, hopefully so.

watermelon arugula

I have been thinking about what to do with myself these days.  I have decided to look for a temporary job.  I actually found contract work.  I have been approved to tutor students.  They offered me more money than the lab ever thought of offering.  I also am able to tutor online or in person, which makes my life more flexible.  I am excited to have a few hours a week of usefulness.

It is hard to wake up daily when you do not want to be in a place, I have finally found a new hope here.


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