Time for a change.

I am one of those long hold outs!  I refused to buy a CD player until you could no longer get cassettes.  I refused to buy a DVD player until VHS was almost obsolete.  And for a reference here, I still connote figure out how to operate a DVD player except for the one on my laptop!  I bought my first cell phone in 2004.  After I bought my daughter a prepaid cell, I bought myself one as well.  It was a Nokia brick.  I refused to upgrade to a smart phone until you could no longer just go to the cell phone provider and get one. I refused to buy a computer until 2003.  It took me several weeks to attempt to join a chatroom, which I stayed with until they closed them all down.  I got a MySpace for a bit.  I actually may still have one, who knows.  I refused to jump on the Facebook wagon until 2009 when I realized the only way to contact my professor was on Facebook.  I hated the idea of using my real name.  Obviously that is still an issue.  I realized shortly after creating my account that people I had no desire to hear from could find me.  It is the same reason I wrote a snarky “I hate you all” profile on that High School dot-com sight.

After a month I realized how to change the name to the name I have embraced here.  I actually use that name professionally as well. I have for the last 2 years.  I have had that screen name for 5 years now.  I have connected all my actual friends to it.  Today Facebook shut down my account and informed me I had to use my real name.  I had already made a digital copy of my profile to save all my pictures, but it was a sudden swoop and I was locked out.  I had not been able to grab all the pictures, and there were thousands, from my friends.  I had to create another “normal” fake name to grab the pictures.  I informed everyone that I was closing my account, and I have thought about it since the stupid timeline thing happened.  This time I meant it.  I have moved all my pictures, or at least am in the process of moving them to Google plus.  I have moved over to Google+ and LinkedIn.


When you create a product that people come to depend on, and then change things and create a dangerous situation your product is no longer of value.  The danger here is that I am not the only person who has a fake name on Facebook.  There are battered women and abuse victims that have not used their real names to avoid online conflicts and prevent people from actually finding them.  By forcing us to use our “real” names you put some of us in very real danger.  I informed Facebook of this and deactivated my account.  I would have deleted it if I knew how to.  So if anyone out there knows how to delete a Facebook account please let me know.  I have retrieved everything I need from them.  So to all my friends that follow this blog, I am sorry I will no longer be able to share inane daily goat pictures and videos.  I am sorry I can no longer keep you updated on Monsanto and its evilness.  I am sorry that I will miss seeing new pictures and updates.  I am not sorry that I told Facebook to stuff it!  Why go after names, why not scroll through the profiles and find the wiener pics and the vagina shots?  Those are way more offensive than a fun name.

The point really is that it was time for me to move on.  I just had to get angry enough.  I wasted too much time on that site.  I can spend my time better researching and looking up articles that mean something, not stupid little op-eds that are only a title and a picture with no real information.  It was time for me to expand into a new adventure.  Sadly not everyone was ready to flee with me. So for those of you who are on Google+ or 600694_4058304820939_1857178374_nLinkedIn, I will find a way if you want to stay in touch.  I will still post here and I will remain focused on making the World a better place, because I am ChaCha, just like the dance I see it not as a step backwards.

Besides with my new contract I wouldn’t want parents to think ill of me. 😉


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