That one time I had a Portlandia Moment!

Portlandia, that IFC sitcom about everything stereotypical in Portland is funny, of course only if you do not actually live in Portland.  I actually saw much of Seattle in this comedy.  The first season had me rolling, mostly because they took everything I do and believe and magnified it to the ridiculous almost religious point.

In one episode, I believe it was season two, which by the way was not nearly as good and lost my interest, they were in a sustainable restaurant.  The couple asks about the chicken and ends up on the farm in a commune.  The questions they asked about the menu we legitimate questions if you are eating consciously.  But after about the third question it got weird.  And then the other day………… Richard decided that I had a Portlandia moment.

We were at one of the few local non-chain restaurants for breakfast Sunday.  I considered having a waffle.  I have a passionate hatred for artificial maple syrup.  I have hated it my whole life.  I think it tastes like a mouthful of fake sugar and plastic.  In my trying to decide I asked the poor waitress if the syrup was real maple syrup or artificial maple syrup.  She was embarrassed and had no idea.  I ended up ordering something else, but Richard and his daughter were quite embarrassed by my question.

I realize that my question probably was ridiculous in that restaurant.  In a local sustainable restaurant, it would not have been a big deal, but in a small diner, it was unreasonable.  This area is full of waffle houses, and I used to love waffles, but I have never liked the maple syrup, only butter, peanut butter or fruit for this girl, unless it is real maple syrup.  And that is why that one time I had a Portlandia moment…………..


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