When Drama comes knocking, the best answer is either to drink or to fight.

So as a recap, we moved here in May.  We both hate the neighborhood but the apartment is decent enough.  The price was decent.  Unfortunately for us, the downstairs neighbors are dicks!  Yup, according to a maintenance tech, who tried to smooth things over, the dude is a typical northern Cal poser wannabe.  He thinks he can live in an apartment and there will be no living noises.  In all my time living in shared housing there is always, ALWAYS,  living noises.  Some people are louder than others.

So when we walk around up here they can hear it.  So FUCKING WHAT?  You cannot expect people to be silent.  During daytime hours there are no regulation as I have found through out the complex.  During the day I can walk through the complex I hear music blaring out of many doors.  Not that I care, I don’t.  It is bad enough that I cannot find solace in this town, it is quite another thing that I am a prisoner in my own apartment.

Due to the fact that the guy downstairs is a thug wannabe, and that he apparently is selling weed, the last thing I need is a confrontation.  Actually a confrontation would end with my being arrested.  I know what happens when I get cornered and it is never good for the other person.  I have a very active fight syndrome.  There is no running in my life, so I typically try to avoid the confrontation.  The problem at this point is that not only do I fear using things like my: dishwasher, garbage disposal, juicer, blender, vacuum, and stereo system, I got a 3 day notice this week.  No seriously, I complained that they were basically harassing me, and I get the notice.  I in violation of my lease by harassing or putting neighbors in harm.  Uhmmm, ok what does this mean?  I called the next day.  The notice said to call and arrange an appointment.  If you do not return calls, what are my responsibilities?  I mean seriously I called, left a voicemail.  No return call.  I called the next day, someone answered.  The point of the notice was to get us and the neighbors together in a meeting with the management.  I must stop here and state that the last time I went in, I asked if there was a way to shorten the lease or switch apartments?  She said she would look into it and get back with me.  That was two weeks ago.  Still no word on my request.

So when I called, I was told that maybe they would work on talking separately to us and the neighbors.  She said she would call me back.  Thirty six hours later and still no call.  I have decided to call a lawyer.  At this point I am a prisoner in my apartment.  Richard’s anxiety is sky high, I am unable to focus and my digestion is all messed up.  Imagine sitting alone all day long afraid to even go to the bathroom.  Creating places to go to so you can leave.  I spend far more money than I should on lunch and coffee to just escape from my own home.  Imagine being afraid to have sex with the one you love in fear of wall banging.  It is uncomfortable and I feel ashamed and agitated all the time.

How long can one go on living like this?  Before I got back, Richard basically had issues only on the weekend.  He is not home during the day and half the time when he is home he is in bed.  Sadly he fears playing his music and for someone who loves music that is extremely sad.

At this point, I am seriously considering breaking a lease.  I have excellent rental records, but I cannot continue this way.  I cannot and will not remain suffering in silence.  I should not fear cleaning my home or walking into the bathroom.  I should not fear things that make me happy.  So if anyone has experienced this kind of harassment and have any other suggestions, I am open to suggestion.


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