In a Perfect World.

I have always been told that my vision for the World were not feasible.  The idea of having equality is never going to happen.  The idea that people mean more than money is never going to happen.   The idea that there will be no need for war is never going to happen.  I say that they are right, as long as everyone keeps thinking this way.  If nobody tries to create a better World, then it will never happen.  I believe that there is always hope.  There is always a need for change.  Fortunately there are people and groups out there that continually try to create changes in society.

I joined Peace Corps to experience changes in society.  I am looking to experience a simpler life, and a life outside of capitalism.  This is actually very hard to accomplish.  No matter where you go into the world capitalism exists.  It is the basis of almost every society, no matter what political platform is in place.  There is capitalism within communism, within socialism, within democracies, within republics and even within monarchies.  Capitalism is the basic flow of commerce based on “money” traded for items or labor.  It replaced the bartering system which was a trade of goods or services for other goods or services.  Not many, if any, countries still utilize the barter system.  Once humans put a value on things the barter system became obsolete.  The biggest problem is that value added to limited resources causes wealth accumulation.

What happens when one person/country becomes richer by exploiting other countries?  Eventually you will have war.  By placing value on things over people we are working against mankind.  In this type of system, the only people who can ever be ahead are those that have the limited resources.  The value of your hands, your work or your thoughts are no longer enough to survive.  This is the biggest issue I have at this point.  Why would you try to make something of yourself if your work is not enough?  Why would you try to enjoy life, if no matter how hard you work, it will never make a difference?

The way I see the solution is to recognize that things are of less value than human interactions.  This is how I have managed to move beyond the “rat race”.   I gave up most of my worldly possessions, it was one of the most empowering things I have even done in my life.  I am nearly ready to do it again.   Since coming back from Africa, I have spent many days just shopping.  It is mostly about avoiding being home.  When your home is uncomfortable and you are not at ease, escape is your only option.  The problem is that now I have acquired more stuff.  I know that we will not be here forever so getting a job in this area is not something I am looking for.  Last week I realized just how difficult bike commuting from here would be.  So a job in Sacramento is not an option either.

This weekend we looked at new apartment.  We found two that we really loved.  We felt the area was way more our pace.  There were more local shops and restaurants than box stores.  Both places were right on the river and bike trail.  They both seemed to have more of a community feel to them and this really lifted my spirit.  So now if I can somehow walk away from my lease with my skin still intact, I will.


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