Hipsters, yuppies, hippies, rednecks and truck ballz!

Today I had a text conversation with a good friend that I miss dearly.  To be honest I miss most people from Seattle, so do not feel left out!  I had been thinking about the things I miss the most from Seattle.  The things that make it home and unique.  I told my friend that I missed hipsters the most.  They have this snarky attitude and dark demeanor.  They also bring art and music into our lives.  I am still not certain what the label “hipster’ means, but I am certain I am not cool enough to be one.  My friend laughed at me and informed me that she misses rednecks and truck balls!  Oh the audacity of that statement.


For those who have no idea, and I confess to massive confusion myself, truck ballz are these incredibly disturbing things people, specifically rednecks hang from the backs of their trucks.  The look like a human scrotum and I have no idea what would possess someone to put them on their vehicle.  I find it to be immature and of lower intellect.  Yet I suppose it is more about the people than the ballz themselves.


My friend then informed me that she is surrounded by liberal hippies and misses republicans.  I cannot say that I miss republicans, but I do miss hippies, liberal or not.  As far as yuppies, nope do not miss them and their pretentious attitudes.  I wonder daily if everyone in my apartment complex is an ex-con?  They all seem to have prison tats, so either they served time or they have really crappy ink that they paid money for. I certainly would request my money back!  Seriously not one tattoo I have seen around here is remotely good or interesting.  It gives me pause when considering getting a new tattoo in the area.

My brother once told me that I was born “white trash” I was never not going to be “white trash”.  I nearly punched him in the nose for that.  I think you can escape your roots, I believe that you are not destined to repeat patterns from your parents.  Then again, I also believe in love, peace and laughter.  And my testing conversation, today, made me laugh so hard!



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