What happens in Reno, should likely stay in Reno!

As a child my parents would take a trip to Reno almost yearly.  I never understood why they chose Reno over Vegas.  You never really hear much about Reno.  It occurred to me this weekend while we were there that the trips my parents took were likely to a year car show.  I suppose there are a few things that Reno has that appeal to some people.

This weekend we had a friend down from Seattle.  On Friday we took him into Old Sacramento and checked out the Car Museum.  We had lunch and visited a bar, along with finding this wonderful Tall Ship docked up on the River.  We strolled along the waterfront and enjoyed the weather.   Being from Seattle having 90 degree weather in October is a strange phenomenon for us.  In fact the entire time we had a guest we spent most of the days outside.

tall ship

On Saturday, after a long night of drinking and eating horrible fried foods, I actually signed up for a bike ride to tour urban chickens.  Our friend had agreed to get up and drive me to the start point, a 20 mile ride at 7am was not exactly on my agenda.  I cannot wait to move so that I can take a shorter ride to start points.  While I was riding my bike, the boys were attending a car show in another town.  I was so happy to be out on my bike and that I had actually stopped drinking well before the boys did.  The whole weekend was pretty much a bender and poor food choices.


In the afternoon we dropped my bike off and packed a bag for a night in Reno.  This was my second trip but our guest had never been there.  The drive to Reno is beautiful and the biggest benefit of living in Sacramento is that we are 2 hours from several destinations, including Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Reno.  We are about 3 hours from Santa Cruz and 5 hours from LA.  I am not a fan of casinos and I do not understand they allure of gambling.  Of all my vices, this one I just do not understand.  Maybe because it costs not only money but your health.  Although all vices do cost in money and health, this one seems to take your soul.  Just seeing people who have obviously not been outside in decades is enough to convince me this is not on my agenda.  I do not want to retire to spend my life inside a poorly lit casino that smells of old cigars and stale rose-water.  To be honest every hotel/casino smelled terrible.

The night was spent drinking and eating and just wandering around.  Oh and my all time favorite past-time, collecting quotes of the night!  In the course of wandering the hotels we ended up in a parking garage.  “We went underground and came up lost!”~RL (names and initials have been changed to protect the guilty)  “Don’t have RL put that in his pocket, how is he gonna act creepy, no wait how is he gonna play with himself?”~WP  “I wish he would get here with my drink, I ordered it like 2 seconds ago!”~WP  “Who decided the restroom stall doors should open into the stall?  You have to straddle the nasty toilet to get out! Poor design!”~CC  “Wow, I cannot believe you just handed a homeless person a $25 bottle of Champaigne!”~CC

reno at night

After ditching me, the boys had one more drink, but really unless you are looking to spend huge money, the strip clubs are not really an option, $20 cover 2 drink minimum seemed excessive.  Otherwise the shows seem to not run real late, or we were there at the wrong time of year.  On Sunday we got up, I got ready and headed down the elevator to grab coffee.  The elevator ride was the highlight of the trip!  We were on the 27th floor of Circus Circus.  I got into the elevator and pushed floor 2.  The elevator came down and stopped on 26.  So weird, no one was there.  The doors closed, the elevator didn’t move and the doors opened again.  The light on 2 went out as the elevator was going down.  It seemed like a rapid decent and it went all the way to the garage.  When it landed it hit hard and went thud!  The door opened and I looked wildly at the bellhop waiting at the elevator, the number still said floor 26, and I shouted this elevator appears to be broken.  The bellhop looked at me and said holy cow it sure is!  This is when i noticed that the elevator floor was about a foot and a half lower than the floor.  I got out the door closed and it appeared that the elevator reset itself.  I was going to take the escalator up the one floor but it was broken too!  I eventually got my coffee and we packed up and took the bags to the car.  We checked out of the room and decided to look for a brunch.

The last time I was at Reno we stayed in Tahoe and had brunch in Reno.  I was not all that impressed by the food in the casinos.  We found another casino and found a restaurant, but there was a wait list of 35 minutes.  We thought we would go ahead and wait, but then our friend just needed to get outside.  The two times I have been to Reno the strip has been shut down for some sort of festival.  Last time it was a biker festival, this time it was Italian.  We ended up wandering through it until we found a walking path along the “river”.  We walked for a while and ended up finding this lovely cafe that had outdoor seating.  We sat outside enjoying the breeze from the river and the sun.  The boys both ended up with a caesar salad.  I had an Ahi Poke, which was delicious and just the right amount of food.

the river

We ended up driving through Tahoe and spent an hour on the lake, just enjoying the sun.  When we got back home we ended up having dinner at an authentic Taqueria just down the street from our apartment.  The benefit of being home alone all day is that I wander around the area and find the few bright spots around us.  Richard did not know about it, but they both agreed it was a nice place and a great choice.

All in all it was a great weekend, with plenty of food and drink and sun!  Next time maybe less food less drink and more sun!  After we dropped our friend at the airport we came home and I proceeded to make a fabulous dinner.  I made a pot of clean out the fridge soup, I added a savory herb gravy mix to thicken it up and poured it into two pie shells.  I boiled up potatoes and cauliflower to make mashed potatoes shredding  parmesan cheese.  This was smoothed on top of the stew and I baked them until the potatoes were browned.  It turned out to be very tasty.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “What happens in Reno, should likely stay in Reno!

  1. Vegas has a ton of options if you like casino’s. The entertainment is top notch. Away from the casino’s,Vegas doesn’t offer much. The scenery is dull and the neighborhoods reminds me of Fresno. (sorry Fresno). You can take your Grandmother to Reno, no mile long walks between casinos. Reno has the Truckee River, its walkable ,. There are lakes and parks for the family. there is something for the family and at night it can be as baudy as a scaled down Vegas. I’ve had a lot of fun in Vegas , I prefer downtown over the stripe. But I love Reno, from the drive to the Awful,Awful burger at the Nugget, with its massive basket of fries , that no one ever finishes.

    • I have only been there twice. I have never been to Vegas, but at least once I want to go. The food and the fact that a casino is designed to keep you inside is probably why neither Vegas or Reno are on my agenda for a regular getaway. I prefer fresh air and the sunshine, and the rive walk is quite beautiful in Reno, if you can find it.

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