Kitchen Makeover

I am a food snob! I am a kitchen snob! There I said it. I try to only buy organic or from a farmer’s market. I try to not use plastic as much as possible. I try not to buy box foods. I even used to make my own bread, but sadly when I got rid of everything I own the breadmaker was the first thing to go. I would love to take a pasta making class, but that is in the future.

As I pack my stuff to move, the kitchen is typically the last to get boxed. I have suffered so much in this apartment, that I made a decision today to take back my kitchen. I love to be in a kitchen. I love to cook, I love to chop, I love to sip coffee and look at magazines! In two weeks and two days we will be moving to a much more suitable location for us. One that I hope has a sense of community and neighbors who understand living in apartments.

Today I realized that I am missing a few major items in my kitchen. I have no measuring spoons or dry measuring cups. I got very excited to find bamboo measuring tools. I also bought one of those mesh strainers, of all the things I have had in my kitchen, I have never had one of these. I also found a very small mortar and pestle. Since I am cooking for just two it was perfect. Also those smaller tools are great for apartment kitchens.

Last week I bought a rice cooker, my first ever. Man this month is about firsts, I guess. I realized when I returned from Africa that I really missed my juicer, unfortunately part of the issue in this apartment is the noise fascist downstairs. I am terrified to operate my juicer or my blender. I am even hesitant to operate my vacuum. Oh how I look forward to reclaiming my kitchen and my life! The only thing I really need now is a kitchen scale, and maybe a new storage system for left overs. Otherwise I feel very confident that my kitchen is going to become my safe haven again.



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