Unadulterated Harassment?

So as I am getting ready to move and feeling like a huge burden is lifted off my shoulder the neighbors have once again put a dark cloud over my life.  Let me recount my weekend.  On Friday I walked to the store and met Richard after work.  We went shopping and then looked at games for his PS3.  We got home late and I made dinner.  I do not run the dishwasher after 10 due to the issues that we have with the neighbors.  On Saturday I got up and cleaned the kitchen a bit so we could use it when he girls got here.  We got up and left around 10 am to pick the girls up.

On the way home we headed to a cave touring place, but changed our minds due to one of the girls not wanting to go. We headed back home and finally got here around 5pm.  Richard and H went to find pizza while i stayed behind with G.  I went for a swim around 8:30 and then we were in for the rest of the night.  On Sunday we got up late.  I made some smoothies and the girls played some video games.  Eventually we left around 11:30.  We headed to a place called Bishops Farm.  It was the biggest pumpkin festival I have ever seen in my life.  It was crazy.  We finally dropped the girls off around 4:30.  We headed back and decided to look into leasing a new car.

Once we made it back home, I made dinner of potato pancakes and sausage along with fielding emails about a car deal.  I ended up going back outside only once to look for my brand new pedometer, which I lost at some point.  I took a flashlight out and looked in the car and along the sidewalk.

This afternoon I received a phone call from the landlord. Apparently the noise nazi called to say I was looking into their windows.  I told the person who called me that was nonsense.  I try to avoid contact at all times.  She said he told her that I was looking into their windows and that he tried to talk to me but I ran away.  Anyone that knows me, knows I do not run.  I am physically incapable of running.  So now I am super paranoid to walk outside, I want to cry and I want to punch him in the face. I also want to call the police and file an anti-harassment order.

Of all the things that go through my mind, the best option was to call the attorney.  I just need this put into a record somewhere.  The only thing I can think of is that when I was looking for my pedometer he saw me with a flashlight and decided to make me look like a weirdo or a criminal.  Frankly he is dealing drugs and my apartment always smells like weed.  So on top of everything else, I will be calling the police on a regular basis for the next two weeks.  I was just going to try to stick it out, but now I am so pissed that I want them to understand how the system works.  See I can cover my tattoos, I can take out my piercings and I can look professional.  He cannot, therefore, the law will be tilted on my side, it helps that i am right and he is wrong.

Of all the things I would like to do to get revenge, I mainly just want peace.  Revenge is never really a good thing.  So I will let the attorney advise me as to what I need to do.  I am so sick of this place, I cannot even breath anymore.  I just really want to cry myself into a coma.


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