Rekindling your passions

After returning from West Africa and having my assignment in the Peace Corps terminated, I have felt lost.  Similar to the time after I returned from my bike ride and had to figure out where to live and how to support myself.  I have lived off my settlement for the last two years off and on.

It did not help that the home I came back to was a living hell.  In three days we are leaving and I hope to never set foot in this town again.  We are city kids, we belong in a city, not in the burbs.  I hope that the move will make it feel more like home.  The cooler weather is helping some too.

I have been debating with myself since knowing my termination date.  I definitely want to go back, to Africa if possible.  I also want to help Richard build up a support system.  I have looked into the positions open and found a few in Africa that were Agriculture related.  One specifically is developing sustainable urban agriculture.   I really want this positions.  The benefit with having already been accepted, I have the ability to state my choice in location and jobs.

This has lifted my spirits and helped to refocus my passion.  I am looking into taking French lessons and obtaining my Master Composter and Gardener certifications. I also need to read upon urban farming methods in poor soil conditions.  I am finding my passion rekindled.  I look forward to putting my fingers in the dirt again.  I am excited to really embrace my passions.  Even though I was excited to teach science, this has me elevated to ecstatic and ready to research a new language and new soil conditions.

In the end, even if I do not get assigned to this spot, the fact that I found my passions again is enough.  To know that I can still find excitement and joy is something that I have been hoping to feel.   To know that no matter what obstacles come into my path, I can find solutions and embrace joy and life once again.


3 thoughts on “Rekindling your passions

  1. Hey ChaCha! I’m glad you’re finding passion again… I’ve been thinking about you since I heard your Peace Corps opportunity was ended by the terrible things happening in West Africa, and hoping you’ve found something to move on to. I can’t imagine how lame it must be to prepare for an assignment like that for so long and have it just end. I guess it sounds like you haven’t found anything specific yet… but like you said, finding excitement and joy in something is half the battle :-). Hope things get better, and that you get to go back to Africa sometime soon!

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