It might not be Seattle, but I think it can be home!

Since coming back from Africa I must apologize for all my negative posts.  Being home alone all day terrified to basically punch the guy downstairs in the face left me with no real outlet.  I also dumped Facebook because it shut down my profile and demanded I change my name to my real name.  Maybe I will legally make this my name, but frankly I have people who I do not want to find me, so use a fun name.  I should be allowed to pick my alias, and this name is what people  call me.  So technically it is my real name.

Anyway, I apologize for having a negative overtone on my blog for the past few months.  We moved into our new apartment last week.  We actually got everything out and into the new place all on Thursday.  On Friday we went to the old place finished a bit of clean up and had the final inspection and handed in the keys.  The maintenance guy basically stated other than basic carpet cleaning, and some minimal paint touch ups, there was  not a ton of cleaning to do.  If we had not broken our lease, we likely would have gotten most of our deposit back.  On a side note, the neighbor actually accused me of peeping into their windows and that he tried to talk to me but I ran away.   For anyone who knows me knows this is false.  Not only is it weird to peep into a window, I avoid them at all costs.  I do not run, I am physically unable and unwilling to do so.  I have an extreme fight syndrome, so when confronted and feeling threatened, I will sock someone, it has happened.  I am a bit ashamed to say that.  I typically try to avoid a confrontation, which may appear cowardly or passive/aggressive, but the reality is that I fear what I will do.  I do not want to end up in jail over stupid disputes, so I avoid them.

The last night we were at the old place the power was prematurely shut down.  I sat in the dark all afternoon with the door open for a breeze.  I wish I had not packed my headphones.   I overheard the neighbor tell someone who he caught someone peeping into their window and he broke out the screen on the window chasing them down.  I have no idea if that was the same instance that he called in on me.  That time he made no reference that I could tell as to who he thought it was.  Richard told me I have to go outside and push the black button on the meter to get the power back on.  The meter right outside the neighbor’s window.  Now, I do not know about you, but having just been accused of looking into windows, the last thing I am going to do is stand outside said window!  Maybe it is weird to have my doors and windows open, but I can hear a ton of drama.  I try to turn the music or the TV up, but then the noise nazi is at my door.  I like to have outside air flowing in my apartment.  I did hear the maintenance guy tell him last week that he had to replace the carpet.  That really pissed the noise nazi off.  He slammed the door all day long.  I was worried he would come bang on my door and make other wild accusations.

First off the new place is in a great location.   We are right on the river.   The bike trail is two blocks away.  Downtown Sacramento is less than an hour’s bike ride away.  The light rail is a 10 minute ride away.  We found a dive bar across the street and we even met a couple of neighbors who invited us over for a drink when we left the bar.  I spent last night in the hot tub and am contemplating a dip in the pool, although the weather is getting a bit chilly.  Richard has already played some tennis on the courts in the complex.

The apartment has new carpet.  I mean literally you can still smell the glue.  There are a few dings in the linoleum but nothing major.  The deck is huge and we can fit two of the three bikes in the storage.  I am going to have to figure out what to do about Candie soon.  The closet space is ample.  The bathroom is a tad small, but I do like the sink and vanity outside the bathroom.  The only issue is that the bathroom is in the bedroom.  With guests that can be weird.  With children it can be weirder.  There are so many cabinets in the kitchen my mind is boggled.  My goal now is to keep it clean every day.

Today I finally got everything organized and put away.  I even found my little bike speaker and hooked up my iPod and am enjoying some music.  I have small minor things to finish putting away, but those may never actually find a home.  I feel so much peace in this place.  I have seen a few neighbors but no one is banging on my door asking me to stop walking around! I kept wondering if I was really that noisy.  My friend Mel, told me her downstairs neighbor had the same complaint when I stayed with her, but Mel has hardwood floors and I was wearing clogs when I came home.  That complaint makes much more sense than bare feet on carpet being too loud.  Had I known, I would have slipped into different shoes before walking into Mel’s apartment.

I felt so much more at ease here that I actually turned in a job application.  I feel good about that.  I will expand my search a bit but for now I will focus on lab and environment jobs.  I may even look into joining a farm co-op.  I am looking forward to having an income again and maybe starting up a little balcony garden soon.  I am surprised at how much colder it is at night now.  The weather is something I have looked forward to in California.  I was not prepared for any cold weather, glad I kept my winter clothes.


We rode bikes to Old Sac on Monday.  I wore some of my winter gear, but not all bundled up.  I am still sore from that, but it is a good sore feeling.  I look forward to many more nights of being sore.  I am so much happier here and I know that the stress has been lifted off our shoulders.  I have slept like a log the last few nights and that is a great feeling.


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